Their future is in our hands  

Each year thousands of young people leave school or college. They need to be able to earn a living and to be financially literate. Their future is in our hands.
It is vital for all of us that we encourage them to develop a positive attitude to work and to attain the skills they need
to secure financial wellbeing.
CapitalSouth is a primary link between education and business, and work experience broker. It supports students and employees through a wide range of programmes that offer young people the chance to learn for work, through work, and about work.
CapitalSouth is a member of the Institute for Education Business Excellence (IEBE) and part of a national network of Education Business Partnerships supporting young people aged 5 to 19 throughout their work-related learning experience.
CapitalSouth is always looking for volunteers from the business community to support young people on their 'journey to work’, by taking part in CapitalSouth initiatives: please take a look at our Events Calendar and volunteer
to help out if you can.