Work Experience

Offering a work experience placement to a student gives
you the opportunity to shape the next generation of employees. Your support and encouragement will help a
young person to make more informed career choices for
the benefit of individual businesses and the whole economy.

Employers have a wonderful opportunity to enrich the development of an individual young person and to invest
in the quality of the emerging workforce.

How does CapitalSouth support work experience?
CapitalSouth offers a centralised brokering service,
working with schools, colleges and businesses and industry developing appropriate work experience for young people.

CapitalSouth also offers continuing support to employers through personal contact. We give guidance on Health & Safety, risk assessment, job descriptions and legal requirements, including child protection. A team of pre-placement
visitors is there to support you. Each CapitalSouth work experience programme meets national quality standards.

What is your role?
As a business, your role in work experience placements is to:

  • Provide a placement for the work experience student for two weeks
  • Offer a suitable role and set of activities for the student over the course of the placement
  • Develop the student's employability skills
  • Ensure a positive overall experience for the student

For more information please see  Work Experience for Employers, or sign up online to offer work experience placements for local students.